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As Expected, Rosenblum Leaves VMware

I learned this morning from Alessandro that it’s been confirmed that Mendel Rosenblum has resigned from VMware. I hope that no one is surprised by his resignation, as it was fully expected after the abrupt departure of his wife, Diane Greene, who was replaced as CEO of VMware by Paul Maritz.

The word is that Mendel will “return” to Stanford University; I’m assuming that means he’ll resume full-time status as a professor at Stanford. (As one of the commenters on points out, he’s been at Stanford the entire time, just not full-time.)

A quick word to VMware employees who may be reading this: Don’t get spooked. VMware has a tremendous amount of technical talent, so don’t let Mendel’s departure get to you. While Mendel was and is widely regarded as VMware’s visionary leader, there are others that can continue to keep the company on the cutting edge of virtualization and innovation.

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