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eG Innovations Now Supporting Multiple Virtualization Platforms

I’ve spoken to the folks at eG Innovations a couple of times. In case you didn’t know, eG Innovations makes a product that is designed around managing virtualization environments. eG claims to be unique in that it gathers information from both inside the guest as well as outside the guest (from the host) and correlates the data from the two views.

Today, eG Innovations announced that eG VM Monitor now supports not only VMware ESX and Solaris Containers, but also Citrix XenServer and Solaris Logical Domains (LDoms). In addition, the new version of eG Enterprise Suite provides integration with VMware Virtual Desktop Manager (VDM) to provide greater visibility in a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment.

What I didn’t see in today’s announcement was support for Hyper-V. Given that today was Microsoft’s big virtualization launch event, I kind of expected to see eG announcing Hyper-V support as well.

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