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Hyper-V Clustering Scenarios

After my coverage of Tech-Ed 2008, I think a greater number of Microsoft people are reading my blog. One of them, Jose Barreto, sent me an e-mail to notify me about a post he’d written on the various ways in which to implement Windows Server Failover Clustering with Hyper-V. Quoting from his post:

There are many ways to implement Windows Server Failover Clustering with Hyper-V. I could actually find five unique methods to do it. Some of them will actually not give you a fully fault-tolerant solution, but most of them actually make sense in specific scenarios (even if only for demonstrations). In any case, just trying to understand and differentiate them will probably be a good exercise.

It’s a good read, and I recommend reading and reviewing it if you need to brush on up on how to combine clustering and Hyper-V.

Thanks for the heads-up, Jose, and thanks for the well-written article. Keep up the good work!

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