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Significant Networking Problem with Hyper-V

After the conclusion of VIR358, I went up to the front to speak with the presenters about the question I had during the session: what about NIC bonding or NIC teaming? You’ll recall that I wondered about that during the VIR358 session.

Well, it turns out that Hyper-V does not support any form of NIC teaming or NIC bonding. Yes, you read that right: you can’t link more than one NIC to a virtual switch in Hyper-V.

If you follow my linkstream, you will probably have noted that I recently bookmarked a Microsoft KB article that describes how using HP’s Network Utility can cause Hyper-V to stop responding. I guess this just goes to further support Hyper-V’s lack of support for NIC teaming or bonding.

In my opinion, that is a huge problem. How does one go about providing network link redundancy to guests hosted on Hyper-V? Surely using Failover Clustering and Quick Migration isn’t the answer here, is it? One of the presenters offered to get back to me with more information; I’ve already sent him an e-mail so he has my contact information. As soon as I hear something back, I’ll be sure to update this post.

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