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VI Programming Book on the Horizon

Andrew Kutz shot me an e-mail today about a new book he’ll be authoring, due to be published by O’Reilly sometime next year. Quoting from his VMware Communities post:

Here is the deal. In a past life I was a monk who saved children from evil orphanage owners and small animals from evil masters and thus karma has seen fit to reward me with the opportunity of a lifetime. O’Reilly is allowing me to abuse their imprint with “Programming and Managing VMware Infrastructure”…

…The book is proposed to be completed by next March, so hopefully it will hit shelves late spring / early summer.

Judging from Andrew’s work on VI client plugins, I’m sure the new book will be an excellent guide. I probably won’t buy it, not because of Andrew or anything else other than the fact that I completely and totally stink at programming. A one-line routine that prints “Hello World!” is about the sum of my talent.

Congratulations, Andrew, and good luck with the book!

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