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A Couple More Articles Published

It turns out that a couple more articles of mine have been published by, a sister site to where some of my other articles were also published.

These articles kind of snuck past me; I usually pick up on the publication of one of my articles pretty quickly but I somehow missed these two:

Networking problems the next virtualization hurdle?

Server hardware virtualization, such as that provided by VMware with VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3), by Citrix with XenServer, or by Microsoft with Microsoft Virtual Server (and eventually Hyper-V), can make a tremendous difference in data center design.

Networking is certainly one area where the effects of virtualization are being felt.

How virtualization impacts IT staff, security and change management

There is little doubt that virtualization can offer tangible benefits, such as finally making it possible to do more with less. But adopting server virtualization technology isn’t all roses for an IT organization. In this tip, I spell out why server virtualization creates three specific challenges: breaking down IT department fiefdoms; possible increases in security vulnerabilities; and greater complexity in change management.

Feedback on the articles is welcome; I always try to be open to anything that may improve my abilities as a writer or that will help me better serve my readers.

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