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Exciting New Opportunity

I’m extremely excited about a new opportunity that has just recently opened up for me. I’ve been offered the opportunity to do some writing for a VMware-focused web site that will be launching shortly. I can’t disclose the name of the site or anything like that (at least, not as far as I know), but I’ll be sure to let everyone know when the site goes live.

I will say that this site is being launched by a fairly well-known organization that already operates a number of very popular sites, so it’s not like this is some fly-by-night operation. I’m very honored to have been offered this opportunity, and writing is something that I truly enjoy. In fact, getting the opportunity to write—even if only for my own benefit—was one of the reasons I started this site almost two and a half years ago. As it turns out, some of the information I’ve been able to share has been helpful to others as well, and that makes it even better.

I do not anticipate that writing for the new site will negatively impact this weblog. I plan to continue to do my best to provide content and information centered around virtualization, servers, storage, and life as a systems engineer. I’m sure that the occasional personal post will show up now and then as well.

So stay tuned, and when the new site goes live I’ll hopefully be able to provide some links to some of my work.

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