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VMworld 2007 Partner Day Sessions

I had the opportunity to attend three Partner Day sessions today, all three from the “Advanced In-Depth Technical Track.”

The first was this morning, and it was focused on an in-depth technical review of VMware Consolidated Backup. I’ve written a few articles about VMware Consolidated Backup before:

The presenter was very knowledgeable; in fact, he was the one running the VCB labs at VMworld (and ran the labs at VMworld last year, which I attended). I got some great information from the session, and when I have more time I’ll compile that information here. Some of the key points I took away from the session included information on a command-line interface (CLI) for VMware Converter that allows for automated restores of VCB full VM backups using Converter (I’m really excited about looking into that one); good information on the minimal permissions needed for the user that logs into VirtualCenter and whose login information is hard-coded in config.js (this is a big security concern for many customers); and some RDM compatibility mode issues (RDM in virtual compatibility mode versus physical compatibility mode). It was a great session; I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, the next session (the first session after lunch) was not nearly as useful. Although included in the same in-depth track, there was a remarkable lack of technical information. Fortunately, it was only 45 minutes long.

The final session of the day was on VMware’s VDI and ACE solutions, including a first look at VDM (Virtual Desktop Manager) 2.0, which VMware just publicly announced earlier today. The presenter, Tommy Walker of VMware, was a great presenter and I enjoyed the presentation. I’m hoping to be able to catch up with Tommy later this week to conduct some in-depth comparisons of VDM with other brokers, such as Leostream (a broker with which I’ve worked fairly extensively—and which, by the way, just released version 5.0 of their broker).

As soon as I have some additional time, I’ll try to post some additional information about these sessions and some of the in-depth technical details presented.

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