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VMworld 2007 Partner Day

VMware has made a number of announcements today, jointly making the announcements in general sessions at Partner Day/Technology Day here in San Francisco, CA, this morning along with official press releases:

  • VMware Unveils Next Generation Hypervisor to be Integrated in Server Hardware: News of this was broken on the Internet (mostly via several months ago, but now VMware has publicly announced the movement of their hypervisor into the server firmware. This movement is expected to bring about a number of significant improvements, many of which were alluded to by Diane Green during her speech this morning and seconded by Scott Davis (Chief Data Center Architect at VMware and Virtual Iron co-founder) during his speech as well.

  • VMware Introduces Next-Generation Disaster Recovery with VMware Site Recovery Manager: VMware Site Recovery Manager attempts to bring about some automation and workflow to disaster recovery (DR) solutions built on top of VMware. Personally, I haven’t seen a great deal of information on this product, although I knew about it under NDA before today’s public announcement. I’m looking forward to seeing more details on this solution, as well as getting the opportunity to have a look at the technical portion of the product. (You know me—I love the technical details.)

  • VMware Enables Enterprise Desktop of Tomorrow: Virtual Desktop Manager 2 is VMware’s first (public) foray into the VDI broker space, whereas they have previously relied upon Propero (whom they acquired), Dunes (whom they are rumored to have acquired), Leostream, Provision Networks, Citrix, and others. Personally, I hope that VDM 2 is much better than the previous-generation Propero solution, which I found unwieldly, complex, and unreliable. (Of course, your mileage may vary.) From what I understand, it is expected that VMworld attendees can apply for the VDM beta at the conference this year. I don’t know that for certain, but I’ll be finding out tomorrow when VMworld officially starts.

I also had the opportunity this morning to attend a great in-depth session on VMware Consolidated Backup. I’ll try to post more information on that session later today.

All in all, it’s a busy time for VMware, who is taking this opportunity to solidify their lead in the virtualization market against up-and-coming competitor Xen (now owned by Citrix) and Microsoft. As developments occur and as I get additional information, I’ll post more here. Thanks for reading, and feel free to clarify or correct any of my information in the comments.

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