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New Theme!

I finally got around to installing a new theme here on the site. I was both eager to install a new theme—after all, how many thousands of other sites looked just like this one—and yet also apprehensive, because I’d gotten the previous theme tweaked just the way I wanted it.

So, I’d be interested in hearing from the readers as to the new layout. Do you like it? What can be improved? More importantly, what’s broken and needs to be fixed? Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated, and I value your patience as I tweak and tune this new look.

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE: The front page of the site is broken when using Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows. Not being an XHTML/CSS expert, I have no idea why it’s not rendering correctly. It renders fine with Safari, Camino, and Firefox (on both Windows and Linux)–sorry, IE users!

UPDATE 2: The archives index and tags index pages are now working again, tag information has been re-added to the bottom of each post, you can browse articles by tags, and the layout has been tweaked slightly. Everything is rendering fine on all browsers except the home page on IE6 (I tested Camino on OS X, Safari on OS X, Firefox on Windows XP, Firefox on Ubuntu Linux, and IE on Windows. I’m still not sure of the cause of the IE-specific layout issue on the home page.

UPDATE 3: The strange formatting error with IE on the home page turns out to be a problem with some of the articles, where I’m using monospaced fonts to represent a command line or a piece of code. I’ve updated a few of the articles causing that problem and it should be better now.

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