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I have a few things I wanted to mention here, but none of them were really long enough to warrant their own entry. So, I’m lumping them all together here.

First, I’ve started going back and adding excerpts (or summaries) to most of the entries posted on this weblog. This makes the WordPress archive views cleaner (no more Technorati tags showing up for short entries). I’m sure there are probably other reasons why this is a good idea as well, but I don’t know what they are (yet).

Second, the process of adding these excerpts has reminded me of how challenging writing can be. I was always taught to have a firm purpose and focus when writing, and in those cases where that was true the summaries come to me easily. However, for those entries where my focus wandered, I am finding it difficult to summarize and describe what was written. This just really reinforces for me the challenge and the reward of writing here, of being able to effectively communicate and relate ideas to others. It’s a skill that many have lost (or never gained) in recent years, and society is worse for it.

Third, I think I’ve finally managed to get all of the weblog customizations in place, at least for now. It’s not a radical departure from the default WordPress theme, I know, but it’s a decent first step.

OK, so maybe these things are related after all…they all have to do with this weblog.

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