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Another Switcher to the Mac

In reading through a pile of unread industry magazines, I came across an article by Kevin Tolly, a columnist for Network World, titled “Closing the door on Windows”, that describes his switch to the Macintosh platform.

I guess my own personal switch from Windows to Mac OS X last year was, to borrow a phrase from Tom Yager, ahead of the curve. In his article, Tolly describes the experience in these terms (all content copyright of respective holders):

”…the bottom line is that I’m able to get my work done more efficiently with fewer crashes and have already found ‘richer’ programs…which I expect to offer me more than their MS Office counterparts.”

While I can’t vouch for the latter part of his statement (I don’t use Apple’s iWork suite), I can say that my own experience is much the same. The Mac’s fluid UI, rock-solid BSD underpinnings, pervasive networking support, and a variety of open source applications make it possible for me to do my job in a very effective manner. That’s not to say that everyone will have the same result, but it is definitely to say that the Mac is a viable alternative. It is definitely a viable alternative, and more and more people are discovering that fact.

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