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Cocoalicious Development Restarted

This is really exciting news. Development on Cocoalicious, the Mac OS X native application that front-ends, has started back up again.

I’ve blogged many times about Cocoalicious (starting as far back as June of 2005) and how much I enjoy using the application to manage my bookmarks. I was really disappointed that development had stalled, and had even started searching for replacements to the application. Fortunately, it looks like the new developer (who is working with the original author, not replacing him, from what I understand) is already seeking feedback and ideas for future versions.

Personally, I’m pretty thrilled with the application as it is, and have only one feature request: please, please, PLEASE drop the brushed metal interface. Or at least offer us an option to toggle back and forth. I’d love to see a fresh new UI like that used by or NetNewsWire, with the tags in a pane on the left and your bookmarks listed on the right, and a divider (like the one used now) to open, close, or resize the built-in browser. Combine that with a new, modern unified toolbar (not’s lozenges, please!) and perhaps incorporate some of the tag UIs that have been proposed (like this one), and you’ve got yourself one killer client.

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