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Krystal Meyers

I’ve been meaning to write about this young Christian rock artist for a while now, but keep forgetting. Finally, here it is.

I picked up Krystal Meyers’ debut self-titled CD a few months ago from Sound and Spirit (one of the BMG Music clubs—you know, where they send you constant reminders to buy CDs from them and then ship them to you the instant you forget to tell them you don’t want them). I initially bought it just for fun; I had never heard of Krystal Meyers and wasn’t entirely sure I would even like the music. Worst case scenario, I could give the CD to one of my kids.

I was in for a surprise. The music is really good. This is one of my favorite CDs already, and I’m looking forward to hearing the next album. If you’re looking for a good message grounded in the Gospel but wrapped in great-sounding rock music, this album is a good choice.

Krystal Meyers’ website is here.

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