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Another Take on Life(song)

In my earlier posting about Lifesong, the second CD by the Christian group Casting Crowns, I spoke primarily about their musical style and their sound. At the time, I was so wrapped up in how the music sounded in comparison with their debut album that I was disappointed in this latest effort.

I continued listening to the CD, concentrating mostly on the tracks that I really enjoyed—“Lifesong”, “Praise You in This Storm”, “Set Me Free”, and “Father, Spirit, Jesus”. As I listened—truly listened—to the words of these songs, and then took the time to listen to the other songs on the album as well, I realized that I was guilty of the very things that Casting Crowns sings about in these songs. And my first review was the perfect indicator of this.

So many people practice Christianity on the surface. Sure, they go to church. They may even teach Sunday School, or lead a Bible study group. But do they really serve the Lord? Is their service—my service—just “empty hands held high”? How often do we high our true feelings from others, even our fellow Christians, becoming “happy plastic people under shiny plastic steeples”? Can we see past that young unwed mother’s sin, see “past her scarlet letter” and actually get to know her?

This entry isn’t just about a CD, though; that’s why I titled this post “Another Take on Life(song)”. It’s not just about Lifesong, it’s about life. It’s time for us—for me—to move past superficial Christianity and into true service for the Lord.

That doesn’t necessarily mean full-time ministry, and it doesn’t mean just going to church. It means serving the Lord with all that we are and in all that we do (and my use of the term “we” here includes myself). It means living a life that “brings a smile” to the Lord, where we take to heart Jesus’ teachings and actually apply them in all areas of life, not just the areas that are convenient or comfortable.

It means letting our life(song) sing to the Lord.

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