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Xen Momentum Growing

There is an incredible amount of momentum growing around the open source Xen hypervisor, and it is increasingly looking like market leaders VMware and Microsoft should be less worried about each other and more worried about Xen.

Check out some of the recent news articles regarding Xen:

“Novell to integrate Xen 3.0 in the next Open Enterprise Server” <,294698,sid39_gci1176440,00.html>

“Virtual Iron annonces 3.0 commercial and free editions based on Xen” <>

“Red Hat Formally Announces ‘Integrated Virtualization’” <>

“Virtual Iron, XenSource to Unveil Xen 3.0 Products at LinuxWorld” <,1759,1945398,00.asp>

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And those links are just from the last few days! Clearly, there is lots of momentum and lots of support from big name vendors such as HP, IBM, Novell, Red Hat, and others around the Xen open source hypervisor. While some have speculated that VMware’s move to release VMware Server for free (and Microsoft’s corresponding drop in price for Virtual Server 2005 R2) have been to stave off each other, perhaps their moves were in response to Xen instead?

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