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Due to some of the work I’m being asked to do at the office, there should be some very cool informational articles headed this way. Here’s a quick look at what I hope to provide in the next few weeks.

Pretty quick off the bat will be an informational article on Windows Server 2003 R2, which I’ll be installing in my test lab in the next couple of days. The focus will be on key differences between Windows Server 2003 and R2, with a particular focus on the integration of UNIX interoperability tools. I hope to be able to provide an updated set of guidelines on Linux-AD integration based on R2 very soon.

I also hope to be able to provide more details on VMware ESX Server, which is the underlying technology for my test lab at the office. I would love to get in on the beta for ESX 3/VC 2, but don’t know that I’ll get that opportunity. In particular, I’d really like to test the VLAN/port group functionality in ESX Server and its interoperability with Cisco VLANs. I have some Cisco experts working with me at the office, so I think it might happen.

Along the same lines, I’m going to try a migration of a VM from GSX Server/Workstation to ESX Server as well, so I’ll post some information on that process.

Finally (as if everything else wasn’t enough), I’m hoping to get to delve into Citrix Presentation Server, which I haven’t had the opportunity to work with in a couple of software revisions (not since it was MetaFrame XP). Citrix has good technology, and I’m anxious to see the changes since I last worked with the product.

If anyone has anything specific they’d like to see me touch on, drop me a line via e-mail or add some comments. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to get you the information you’re seeking, but I do promise to try.

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