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Watch Out, IE Users

A couple of articles are highlighting a recently uncovered security flaw in Microsoft Internet Explorer—this article from eWeek and this article from ComputerWorld, both of which reference this security advisory from Microsoft.

The fix is to set the Security Level for the Internet Zone to High, which disables the functionality required for the exploit to work. Unfortunately, it also disables a lot of other things that non-malicious sites use, so this workaround will affect your ordinary browsing experience.

My recommendation is to switch to Mozilla Firefox. While Firefox was shown to be vulnerable to a recent spoofing flaw (this flaw also affected IE, Safari, Camino, etc.), it’s still better than IE’s security record. And, yes, for those of you out there who are yelling at your computer screens right now: I know that you probably believe that Firefox is only more secure because there are fewer people using it. Perhaps that’s true, but the end result is that it’s more secure. Isn’t that what we are seeking to achieve?

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