Unity: Real or Rumor?

There’s a lot of buzz about Unity, a future VMware Fusion feature that, if real, completely trumps Parallels’ Coherence functionality.  The question: Is Unity real or fake?

The VMTN Blog posting “Coherence? Meet Unity” seems to be the source of it all, which lends a certain air of credibility.  The idea was quickly picked up by The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW), CrunchGear, and YouTube, among others.

However, this is an apparent about-face from the position of Fusion developers earlier in the product’s lifecycle, who were not so keen on implementing such a feature in Fusion until “they could do it right.”  Has that time finally come?

I will say this:  if Unity is truly real and coming in a future release of Fusion, and if the features that were demonstrated in the Unity video are real, it completely blows away Coherence.

UPDATE:  According to Regis (VMware Fusion lead developer), this is definitely real.  I stand corrected!

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    I hope this blog entry will answer your question

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    Regis, all I can say is: Wow! Truly, truly impressive.

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