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Updated Apps

Two of my favorite applications have been updated recently. NetNewsWire has reached version 3.0 (and adds lots of new features), and Camino reaches version 1.5.

The NetNewsWire update brings, among other things, native Growl support (no need for NewsGrowl any longer), new display and layout options, a slightly more streamlined interface, and Spotlight support. I just installed the new version this morning, and I’ve already found the Spotlight integration to be useful.

The Camino update brings an updated rendering engine (Camino 1.5 now shares the same version of Gecko as Firefox 2.0), enhanced ad/pop-up blocking, and RSS feed detection. Nothing earth-shattering, but useful features nonetheless.

If you use either of these applications, I suggest you upgrade to the latest versions. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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