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Technology Short Take 177

Welcome to Technology Short Take #177! Wow, is it the middle of May already? The year seems to be flying by—much in the same way that all these technical articles keep flying by my Inbox, occasionally getting caught and included here! In this Technology Short Take, I have links on things ranging from physical network designs to running retro operating systems as virtual machines. Surely there will be something useful in here for you!


  • Blogger Evert has a two part series (here and here) on managing NSX ALBs with Terraform.
  • Ivan launches a series of blog posts exploring routing protocol designs that can be used to implement EVPN-with-VXLAN L2VPNs in a leaf-and-spine fabric. The first one is here. What’s really cool is that Ivan also includes a netlab topology readers can use to create a lab and see how it works.
  • Eduard Tolosa discusses binding wireless network adapters to systemd-nspawn containers.
  • Ioannis Theodoridis has a three-part series on how he and his team used tools like Nautobot, Nornir, and Python to help with some extensive network migrations. Check out the series (part 1, part 2, and part 3); I think you’ll find some useful information in there.


  • While in many respects Apple’s M series CPUs are amazing, all is not perfect: security researchers have discovered a flaw that would allow attackers to steal cryptographic keys. More details are available in this Zero Day article.


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  • Talk about a blast from the past! William Lam discusses running a prerelease version of OS/2 2.0—an operating system I myself ran in the mid-1990s before switching to Windows NT—as a virtual machine on VMware ESXi. For what it’s worth, I remain convinced that OS/2 version 2 was technologically superior to its Windows peers (including Windows NT). It’s another example of when the best technology doesn’t always win.

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