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Technology Short Take 174

Welcome to Technology Short Take #174! For your reading pleasure, I’ve collected links on topics ranging from Kubernetes Gateway API to recent AWS attack techniques to some geeky Linux and Git topics. There’s something here for most everyone, I’d say! But enough of my rambling, let’s get on to the good stuff. Enjoy!


  • I want to be Ivan Pepelnjak when I grow up. Why? Read this article on his response to someone wanting to use NSX to create availability zones.
  • Nico Vibert has a tutorial that takes readers through using Cilium’s Gateway API functionality to do L7 traffic management (HTTP redirects, HTTP rewrites, and HTTP mirroring).


Cloud Computing/Cloud Management

Operating Systems/Applications


  • This blog post announces the release of Pkl (pronounced “pickle”), described as a new “programming language for producing configuration”. Unless I’m reading this wrong, this sounds like quite an overlap with CUE. Or am I way wrong here?
  • Milas Bowman examines some new features in Docker Compose specifically targeted at improving the development experience.

Career/Soft Skills

That’s all I have for you this time around, but check back in 2-3 weeks for the next Technology Short Take. Until then, feel free to share this article on your favorite social media platform, and I invite you to contact me if you have any feedback about this or any article on my site. You can find me on the Fediverse, on Twitter, or in a number of different Slack communities. Heck, if you try hard enough you can find my e-mail address on this site and drop me a message that way!

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