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Technology Short Take 173

Welcome to Technology Short Take #173! After a lull in links to share last time around, it looks like things have rebounded and folks are in full swing writing new content for me to share with you. I think I have a decent round-up of links for you; hopefully you can find something useful here. Enjoy!




Cloud Computing/Cloud Management

  • Dean has published information on migrating your Red Hat OpenShift clusters to Cilium (from one of the “default” networking solutions).
  • I think I’ve linked to Ricardo Sueiras’ “AWS open source newsletter” before; it’s such a useful resource. In edition 184, Ricardo shares some links to some useful posts on EKS; the one on using Istio with EKS to improve the user experience caught my eye. (Check out the newsletter to get the link to the Istio article.)
  • Ian McKay digs into the details of the recently-announced support for HTTPS Endpoints in AWS Step Functions.
  • Matt Gowie of MasterPoint explains terraform-null-label and its use in providing more consistent naming and tagging of cloud resources.

Operating Systems/Applications


  • Jamie Tanna explains how to represent a JSON field in Go that could be absent, null, or have a value.


Career/Soft Skills

It’s time to wrap up now; as always, I’d love to hear from readers about what you find useful (or not useful!) about the Technology Short Takes—or any of the posts on my site. Feel free to reach out to me via social media; you can find me on Twitter as well as on the Fediverse. I also tend to frequent a few different Slack communities, so you’re welcome to DM me there. Finally, if you’d like to drop me an e-mail, my address isn’t too hard to find. Thanks for reading!

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