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Technology Short Take 170

Welcome to Technology Short Take #170! I had originally intended to get this published before the long Labor Day weekend, but didn’t quite have it ready. So, here you go—here’s your latest collection of links from around the internet focused on data center and cloud-related technologies. I hope that you find something useful here.



  • I must admit that I always wanted to have a Sun workstation, and I’ve had an interest in SunOS/Solaris for years (check out this link if you don’t believe me). So, it’s natural that this post on reliving the glory days of Sun workstations would catch my attention.


  • Michael Tsai weighs in on the Microsoft signing key that was stolen, sharing several links with commentary on this matter.
  • Exploiting cloud VMs via a remote serial/console service? Yikes. Fortunately, this Microsoft Security Response Center article not only shows how to use Azure Serial Console to compromise sensitive information, but also shows how to detect exploitation activity. What about preventing it?
  • As detailed in this article, it turns out BitLocker can be bypassed—assuming physical access to the hardware—with a cheap logic analyzer.
  • Daniel Stenberg rails about everything that is wrong about CVEs.
  • Grafana recently had to rotate their GPG signing key.
  • Time to update your iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices! A new zero-click, zero-day exploit was announced and Apple has released an update for all affected systems. More details on the exploit are available here.

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  • I started being a fan of Basic Apple Guy a while ago, and I use some of his wallpapers on my Mac and my mobile devices. (I’m weird/obsessive like this, but I like using matching wallpapers across all my devices.) Anyway, he released a couple a while ago that I’m just getting around to sharing here: a revamped version of his revamped macOS Tiger, and a “parody” wallpaper for OS X Rancho Cucamonga (there’s a story there). What’s that—which wallpaper of his am I currently using? I’m currently using the Twilight variation of macOS Tiger Redux.
  • Howard Oakley talks about App Translocation (formerly known as Gatekeeper Path Randomization) in macOS. While I generally enjoy using macOS, sometimes the tight control that Cupertino exercises over the OS and its behaviors feels…constricting.
  • Jeff Geerling walks readers through testing the Coral TPU accelerator using Docker (in order to work around some Python library dependency issues).


  • For what is perhaps an alternative viewpoint on the role of AI coding assistants, check out Rizèl Scarlett’s post on learning p5.js with GitHub Copilot. (Disclaimer: It’s my understanding that Rizèl works for GitHub as a developer advocate, so keep that in mind when reading the post.)
  • Troy Hunt provides some detail on how he fights API bots using Turnstile from Cloudflare. It’s a pretty interesting read; this is a Cloudflare feature I wasn’t really aware of.


That’s all for now! I’m always open to reader feedback, so if you have feeback for me feel free to contact me. My e-mail address is not terribly hard to find, and you can also use either Twitter, Mastodon, or Bluesky to contact me. I also tend to lurk in a number of Slack communities, so you’re welcome to contact me there as well. I’d love to hear from you!

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