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Technology Short Take 164

Welcome to Technology Short Take #164! I’ve got another collection of links to articles on networking, security, cloud, programming, and career development—hopefully you find something useful!


  • William Morgan’s 2022 service mesh recap captures some of the significant events in service mesh in 2022, although through a Linkerd-colored lens. I do agree that the synergy between service mesh and the Gateway API was a surprise for a lot of folks, but they really are a good match.
  • Back in October of last year, Tom Hollingsworth weighed in on Hedgehog, the networking company that has set out to commercialize SONiC, a Linux-based NOS used extensively in Azure.
  • Ah, the bygone sounds of yesteryear…what a blast from the past!


  • What do you think of the ThinkPhone? (Hat tip to James Kane for bringing this to my attention.)
  • I just found this article buried in my list of “articles to include in a future TST”: it’s a list of blade server resources from “blade server guy” Kevin Houston.


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  • Here is Raul Jordan’s list of Rust concepts he wishes he’d learned earlier.


Career/Soft Skills

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