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Network Programmability and Automation, Second Edition

In late 2015, I was lucky enough to be part of a small crew of authors who launched a new book project targeting “next-generation network engineering skills.” That book, Network Programmability and Automation, was published by O’Reilly and has garnered praise and accolades for tackling head-on the topics that network engineers should consider mastering as the field of network engineering continues to grow and evolve. I was excited about that announcement, and I’m even more excited to announce that the early release of the second edition of Network Programmability and Automation is now available!

2nd edition book cover

The original team of authors—Jason Edelman, Matt Oswalt, and myself—are joined this time around by Christian Adell. Christian works with Jason at Network to Code, and it has been a tremendous pleasure to get to know Christian (a little bit, at least!) as part of this project so far. I am impressed with his knowledge and experience, and I think it really adds to the book. Jason and Matt, of course, need no introductions; they are both industry leaders and are well-known in the network automation space.

Check out Jason and Christian’s announcement blog post here.

I am, once again, humbled and honored to be part of this project. The technology landscape has changed so much since the first edition came to market, and there’s so much more that we (the authors) want to cover. In addition to refreshing content throughout the book, there’s lots of new material that’s planned to be added, including content on cloud native technologies like Kubernetes, networking in public clouds, the Go programming language, and so much more.

So, spread the word! The early release (which means it’s still “under construction,” so to speak) is available now. If you have questions, feel free to contact me on Twitter, or reach out to any of the authors via various platforms (for example, Jason and Christian are available via the Network-to-Code Slack instance, and Matt is available on Twitter as well). We’d love to hear from you!

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