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Technology Short Take 108

Welcome to Technology Short Take #108! This will be the last Technology Short Take of 2018, so here’s hoping I can provide something useful for you. Enjoy!


  • Maish Saidel-Keesing has a 5-part series on replacing the AWS ELB. This is an older post (from August) that I’ve had in my backlog for a while, and I’m just now getting around to reading the series. There’s some really good information in here. I won’t link to all five, but rather just point you at the introductory post (and Maish has done a great job—better than a lot of bloggers—making the entire series easily accessible).
  • Quentin Machu delves deep into an obscure DNS resolution issue that was introducing seemingly-erratic delays with DNS lookups. Quentin’s post is very detailed, and has lots of good information.
  • Anthony Burke has some information on preparing a node for Kubernetes and the NSX NCP.
  • Benjamin Dale suggests that you don’t know JunOS.



Cloud Computing/Cloud Management

Operating Systems/Applications

  • Suvash Thapaliya describes a mechanism for building a self-documenting Makefile.
  • In part 5 of a series on Kubernetes metrics, Bob Cotton discusses etcd metrics. (This post reminds me that I need to write up the procedure I followed to get the Prometheus Operator scraping metrics from a TLS-secured etcd cluster bootstrapped using kubeadm.)
  • Kyle Ruddy helps folks get started with the Desired State Configuration Resources (DSCR) for VMware, a new way of using PowerShell DSC with VMware vSphere environments.
  • Nick Janetakis describes what he finds to be—in his words—“a really, really good terminal set up” for WSL.
  • This article by Paul Johnston provided (for me, anyway) a very usable and understandable explanation of Lambda Layers and custom runtimes for Lambda.
  • Mikhail Shilkov provides a great overview of Azure Durable Functions and how they fit into the bigger picture of microservices architectures, serverless platforms, and event-driven models.



Career/Soft Skills

  • Via the AWS News blog, Michael Wittig shares some information on how to become an AWS expert. While the article is specific to AWS (a useful skill to have), the tips that he shares can be equally applicable in learning other technology areas as well.
  • Emily Ludolph shares some ideas for leaders. While this originates in the “creative” industry, the ideas shared here are, I think, equally applicable in other industries.

That’s it for the Technology Short Take series in 2018! Look for the next one in early 2019. Until then (or even after then), feel free to hit me on Twitter if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for improvement. Have a great remainder of 2018, folks!

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