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Technology Short Take 107

Welcome to Technology Short Take #107! In response to my request for feedback in the last Technology Short Take, a few readers responded in favor of a more regular publication schedule even if that means the articles are shorter in length. Thus, this Tech Short Take may be a bit shorter than usual, but hopefully you’ll still find something useful.



  • Christian Kellner provides a brief reminder that not all USB-C ports are Thunderbolt ports, and updates everyone on the status of bolt (Linux utility for working with Thunderbolt ports and peripherals).


  • Troy Hunt has a good article on security measures other than just passwords, explaining some of the differences between multi-factor authentication and multi-step authentication (for example). Highly recommended reading.

Cloud Computing/Cloud Management

  • Another post from Matt Oswalt, also related to the NRE Labs post I mentioned above, discusses troubleshooting NGINX Ingress rewrites in Kubernetes.
  • Arush Salil reviews using ingress on Kubernetes with cert-manager.
  • Michael Hausenblas has an informative article with information on Kubernetes RBAC defaults.
  • This post is a couple months old (a lifetime in the cloud-native world): the AWS Service Operator enables users/developers to consume a select set of AWS services via Kubernetes YAML manifests.
  • And speaking of YAML manifests, I saw this tool mentioned somewhere among my various feeds. It’s described as a “layering tool” that allows users to extend officially published YAML documents with local extensions/additions.
  • There’s some good stuff in Michael Hausenblas’ AppOps Reloaded #102 (as always).
  • AWS Outposts is Amazon’s move into the hybrid cloud market. It will be available next year, and will come in a “native AWS” flavor as well as a VMware flavor (see William Lam’s post for more details on the VMware flavor). This is a pretty significant market move, and I believe this move impact the technology industry in a variety of ways. For those of us in the IT field, we are definitely living in interesting times.

Operating Systems/Applications


  • J Metz has launched his own, storage-focused “Short Takes” series; the first of these is found here.


Career/Soft Skills

  • This article by Phil Estes on 4 tips for learning Golang may prove useful to folks who, like myself, are interested in becoming more fluent in Go.

In the immortal words of Porky Pig, th-th-that’s all folks! As always, feel free to hit me up on Twitter with your feedback, suggestions, or corrections. Thanks for reading!

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