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Spousetivities at DockerCon EU 18

DockerCon EU 18 is set to kick off in early December (December 3-5, to be precise!) in Barcelona, Spain. Thanks to Docker’s commitment to attendee families—something for which I have and will continue to commend them—DockerCon will offer both childcare (as they have in years past) and spouse/partner activities via Spousetivities. Let me just say: Spousetivities in Barcelona rocks. Crystal lines up a great set of activities that really cannot be beat.

Here’s some details on what’s available in Barcelona for DockerCon EU 18:

  • On Monday, December 3, there will be a private tour of Costa Brava and Girona. Girona is an extremely well-preserved medieval walled city dating back to the first century! If you’re a fan of history, this is one not to miss. The tour will, of course, include an amazing lunch in a traditional local restaurant.
  • Tuesday, December 4, participants will do a combined Barcelona city tour along with a visit to the famous La Sagrada Familia. The city tour will include stops to sample a wide variety of tapas in local venues. You’ll also get to visit La Sagrada Familia, which is a definite must-see if you’ve never visited before.
  • Wrapping up the events on Wednesday, December 5, Spousetivities will go to Montserrat. This impressive monastery is a fantastic place to visit, full of history and culture. Also found at Montserrat is “Moreneta de Montserrat,” one of the famous black Madonnas of Europe. The tour will also include a fantastic lunch of local Catalan cuisine, followed by a visit to a nearby medieval village for more historic architecture.

For this event, Docker is stepping up their support of Spousetivities by integrating Spousetivities registration directly into their conference registration. So, if you’re a DockerCon attendee and you’d like to add activities for your spouse or significant other, you can do so directly from within your DockerCon registration. This page has more details on the activities and links to update your DockerCon registration with one or more activities.

(BTW, if you need information on childcare, see here.)

The pricing for Spousetivities is also pretty impressive: only 150 euros a day, and if you pay for 2 days you get a third day at no additional cost! That’s right—150 euros for any one day of activities, or 300 euros for all three days of activities! Visit the DockerCon Spousetivities landing page for a link to add activities to a DockerCon registration—and hurry before the events sell out!

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