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Technology Short Take 103

Welcome to Technology Short Take 103, where I’m back yet again with a collection of links and articles from around the World Wide Web (Ha! Bet you haven’t seen that term used in a while!) on various technology areas. Here’s hoping I’ve managed to include something useful to you!



Nothing this time around, sorry!


Cloud Computing/Cloud Management

Operating Systems/Applications

  • Kushal Das (briefly) talks about using Podman for containers. Looks like Podman is still evolving pretty rapidly, but it may be worth giving a try.
  • Nick Janetakis decides he wants to benchmark Debian versus Alpine as a base Docker image and shares what he found. (The reasons behind his decision are in the article.)
  • YACIS (Yet Another Container Isolation Scheme) has arrived: Nabla containers. Like Google GVisor, I suspect this will see limited uptake (at least initially) since it requires a specific base image in order to work.
  • I got bitten by this issue recently when doing some testing using Ansible and Jinja2; fortunately, using -e ansible_python_interpreter=/usr/bin/python on the Ansible command line fixed it for me.
  • Prometheus is the second project to “graduate” within the CNCF; more details are here.



Sorry, I didn’t find anything to include this time. I’m sure there’s a ton of great content out there, but none of it passed across my “desk.” (If you were needing a sign of a shift in my focus, this should be it!)

Career/Soft Skills

  • I’ll put this here since it kind of applies to lots of different technology areas, even though it is sort of networking-focused: Ben Cotton recently shared 6 RFCs you should read. This is helpful information for folks new to IT, for developers or systems-oriented folks who need a better understanding of some networking fundamentals.
  • In recounting his journey to the cloud, Stephen Manley shares a tidbit that I think it useful for folks in a similar situation: regardless of how technology changes, there’s a piece of your experience that remains valuable, and you can build on that piece to create a bridge into a new area. For Stephen, it was data management. For you, it may be something else. (I love his closing statement!)
  • Finally, I found this article from Scott Young on increasing your focus to be helpful. As an “information worker,” our focus is most definitely one of our most valuable resources.

That’s all for now, folks! Have a great weekend!

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