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Posts from the Past, May 2018

This month—May 2018—marks thirteen years that I’ve been generating content here on this site. It’s been a phenomenal 13 years, and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to share information with readers around the world. To celebrate, I thought I’d do a quick “Posts from the Past” and highlight some content from previous years. Enjoy!

May 2017

A year ago, I touched on the topic of using a Makefile with Markdown documents to help streamline the process of generating various output formats.

I also explored the use of custom SSH configurations with SSH bastion hosts and uncovered a very basic (but important) error I’d previously overlooked.

May 2016

Two years ago in May I was using Terraform to build an etcd v2 cluster on OpenStack.

May 2015

Three years ago, I was doing a lot of work in my home lab, automating the setup of physical hosts. That led to a post on a fully automated Ubuntu install, which was also related to this post on using an Apt proxy (via apt-cacher-ng).

May 2014

Four years ago, I shared some useful Markdown tools for OS X. Of those tools, I still use pandoc pretty extensively.

May 2013

Five years ago, I was exploring Open vSwitch (OVS), and wrote some stuff that is still applicable even today. For example, this post on examining Open vSwitch traffic patterns is, in my opinion, core to understanding how OVS works in various configurations (particularly with tunnels).

May 2011

May 2012 was a slow month, so we’ll skip back to May 2011, where I was tackling inaccuracies regarding stretched clusters and long-distance vMotion while also introducing folks to Quicksilver (is this app even still around?).

May 2006

Going way, way back, we come to May 2006—only a year after this site was launched. Twelve years ago, I was exploring the automation of Active Directory security groups and the automation of Active Directory account maintenance. I guess I’ve been exploring automation for longer than I thought!

Here’s hoping you enjoyed this little trip back into the archives. Maybe you found something useful you can still put to use!

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