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Interop ITX, Dell Technologies World, and Spousetivities

Spousetivities will be present at two additional events this year—in fact, these events are only about 6 weeks away! Both Dell Technologies World and Interop ITX are in Las Vegas the last week of April (both starting April 30), and Spousetivities is running events for both conferences.

<aside>In case you’re wondering why I blog about Spousetivities, it’s not only because my wife runs it (seriously). It’s primarily because I’m committed to supporting families, marriages, and relationships in the IT industry. IT companies ask a lot of their employees—often asking employees to give up evenings and/or weekends, or setting unfair expectations on employee responsiveness via email/Slack/IM during off-hours—so a program that enables spouses and/or significant others to join IT employees during a conference helps provide a little bit of balance, in my view.</aside>

Here’s a look at what’s planned during these two IT conferences:

  • On Monday, April 30, there’s a full-day tour of Death Valley planned. This event is leaving the Mirage at 8:00 am and includes photo opportunities at Dante’s View and Zabriskie Point, a scenic drive through the Artist’s Pallet, and a stop at Bad Water Basin—the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere!

  • On Tuesday, May 1, Spousetivities attendees will head to Zion National Park. This trip leaves early: it’s departing at 7:30 am from the Mirage. Loads of stunning views make this area a photographer’s paradise, and there will be walks and hikes for every fitness level.

  • Wednesday, May 2, will wrap up the activities for the week with a combination tour of Hoover Dam, some ghost towns, and El Dorado Canyon. This event will leave from the Mirage at 8:00 am, and will be a full day of fun activities (including a drive along the iconic Route 66 and a drink at a saloon!).

Attendees will save over $60 per event by signing up with Spousetivities (compared to the normal retail pricing for such events).

There are two different registration pages, although the activities and the prices are the same:

  • For attendees of Dell Technologies World, register your spouse, significant other, or family member traveling with you here.
  • For attendees of Interop ITX, register here to have your spouse, family member, domestic partner, or significant other join the activities.

Remember: although it’s called “Spousetivities” you don’t have to be a spouse to participate—the activities are open to anyone traveling with a conference/event attendee.

Register now to save a spot on these great activities!

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