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Technology Short Take 96

Welcome to Technology Short Take 96! Ahead, lying in wait, is a unique collection of links, articles, and thoughts about various data center technologies. Browse if you dare…OK, so I’m being a bit melodramatic. It’s still some good stuff here!


  • Via Matt Oswalt and Michael Bushong, I came across this article on Juniper’s use of P4. Interesting stuff…P4 definitely has the potential to dramatically reshape networking in new ways, in my humble opinion.
  • Maxime Lagresle of XING outlines how they went about troubleshooting an unexplained connection timeout on Kubernetes/Docker.
  • Ajay Chenampara outlines how POAP (Power On Auto Provisioning), a feature of Cisco NX-OS, works to streamline provisioning new network switches.
  • Don Schenck has a high-level overview of Istio and service meshes.
  • Daniel Álvarez has a good article describing some OVN profiling and optimizing he recently performed. I believe the patches he mentioned in the post have already been accepted into the OVN codebase.


Nothing this time around; sorry! If you have some articles you feel are worthy of inclusion in the next Tech Short Take, send them my way!


Cloud Computing/Cloud Management

Operating Systems/Applications

  • Adrian Hornsby has a series (two parts so far) on designing a multi-region active-active architecture. The focus of this series seems to be more on application architecture than infrastructure architecture, although there are clear overlaps in areas. Part 1 is here; part 2 is here. I highly recommend this series, with one caveat: it does occasionally feel like an AWS infomercial. Granted, Adrian works for AWS, so some of that is to be expected, but the Kool-Aid is a bit strong at times.
  • Kevin Carter explains how to ship journals remotely using systemd-journald.
  • VMware PowerCLI 10.0 is now available.
  • I think I mentioned this before, but here’s an update on Mitogen. Some very interesting possibilities ahead!


  • Chris Evans discusses a recent re-org that aligns ScaleIO with hardware sales. So much for software-defined storage?
  • Erik Smith explores the Discovery problem with NVMe over Fabrics and how that problem might be resolved.


Career/Soft Skills

That’s all for now! I’ll have another Tech Short Take in a couple weeks. Thanks for reading!

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