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Installing MultiMarkdown 6 on Fedora 27

Long-time readers are probably aware that I’m a big fan of Markdown. Specifically, I prefer the MultiMarkdown variant that adds some additional extensions beyond “standard” Markdown. As such, I’ve long used Fletcher Penny’s MultiMarkdown processor (the latest version, version 6, is available on GitHub). While Fletcher offers binary builds for Windows and macOS, the Linux binary has to be compiled from source. In this post, I’ll provide the steps I followed to compile a MultiMarkdown binary for Fedora 27.

The “How to Compile” page on the MMD-6 Wiki is quite sparse, so a fair amount of trial-and-error was needed. To keep my main Fedora installation as clean as possible, I used Vagrant with the Libvirt provider to create a “build VM” based on the “fedora/27-cloud-base” box.

Once the VM was running, I installed the necessary packages to compile the source code. It turns out only the following packages were necessary:

sudo dnf install gcc make cmake gcc-c++

Then I downloaded the source code for MMD-6:

curl -LO

Unpacking the archive with tar created a MultiMarkdown-6-6.2.3 directory. Changing into that directory, then the instructions from the Wiki page worked as expected:

cd build

I did not run make test, though perhaps I should have to ensure the build worked as expected. In any case, once the second make command was done, I was left with a multimarkdown binary that I copied out to my Fedora 27 host system via scp. Done!

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