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Technology Short Take 88

Welcome to Technology Short Take #88! Travel is keeping me pretty busy this fall (so much for things slowing down after VMworld EMEA), and this has made it a bit more difficult to stick to my self-imposed biweekly schedule for the Technology Short Takes (heck, I couldn’t even get this one published on Friday!). Sorry about that! Hopefully the irregular schedule is outweighed by the value found in the content I’ve collected for you.



Nothing this time (sorry!). I’ll keep an eye open for links to include next time around.


  • Mike Foley provides an overview of key manager concepts and topology basics for VM and vSAN encryption.
  • If you’re studying for your CISSP, you might find this article helpful.

Cloud Computing/Cloud Management

Operating Systems/Applications

  • For those of you that might be a bit behind the times and still getting up to speed on containers, Ryan Kelly has a post describing containers for the vSphere admin.
  • The popular open source container registry project, Harbor, has released a new version (version 1.2). This version introduces vulnerability scanning (leveraging the Clair project), and Henry Zhang has a blog post with more details.
  • Brendan Gregg has a pretty detailed write-up on migrating from Solaris to Linux (pertinent given the recent layoff of the majority of the Solaris developers).
  • If you’re not clear on the role/status of CRI-O, check out this article by Scott McCarty of Red Hat.
  • Michael Friis provides more details on a recent big change to the Docker Official Images: they’re now multi-platform.



Career/Soft Skills

That’s all for this time around. Thanks for reading!

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