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Some Static Site Resources

Over the last few days—prompted perhaps by my article with some additional information on my site migration—a few folks in the community have reached out to me to share some resources they thought I might find useful. In turn, I’d like to share them with you, my readers, in the event you might find them useful as well.

This is (clearly and obviously) not a comprehensive list, but here’s what folks have shared with me over the last few days:

  • Josh Habdas shared this link with me; it’s a write-up he did that involves the use of a Ruby-based tool called s3_website. The main problem I have with this write-up is that it hides too many of the details, preventing (in my opinion) some of the valuable learning that can come from such an effort.
  • This article by Ricardo Feliciano of CircleCI does expose some of the gory details, and might be useful for those considering the inclusion of a CI/CD pipeline in their blogging workflow (like I am).
  • Finally, I found this post describing how to build a multi-region S3+CloudFront setup that would protect your site in the event of a single S3 region being unavailable.

I’ll update this post with additional resources as I find them (or as folks share them with me). I hope these are helpful!

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