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HashiConf 2017 Wrap Up

HashiConf 2017 is a wrap for me, and as I’m sitting here at the airport lounge in Austin I’d thought I’d post links back to the liveblogs I published as well as a few thoughts on the conference overall.


First, here are links to the liveblogs published during the event:

Closing Thoughts

I think it was a pretty good event. The venue (JW Marriott in Austin) seemed roughly appropriate for the number of attendees (around 800, I believe), although some additional seating during meal times would have been a good idea. The conference Wi-Fi was mostly OK, though it had its moments.

The quality of sessions varied; some sessions were very good; others, not so much (unfortunately). It would have been good to see a clearer breakdown of the sessions according to area/theme. They had 3 content tracks, but it wasn’t really clear to me if the tracks had any central theme. I, personally, bounced around all three tracks.

I did like the inclusion of high-top tables at the back of the breakout rooms; my only complaint is that there weren’t enough of them. Having both regular seating and the high-top tables allowed conference attendees to sit for some sessions but stand for other sessions.

All in all, I’m thankful for the opportunity to attend the event, and I hope that my coverage of the event was helpful in some way.

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