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Ten Years of Spousetivities

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (OK, so it was 2008 and it was here in this galaxy—on this very planet, in fact), I posted an article about bringing your spouse to VMworld. That one post sparked a fire that, kindled by my wife’s passion and creativity, culminates this year in ten years of Spousetivities! Yes, Spousetivities is back at VMworld (both US and Europe) this year, and Crystal has some pretty nice events planned for this year’s participants.

Registration is here, and here’s a quick look at some of the activities planned for VMworld US in Las Vegas:

  • On Monday, August 28, Spousetivities will kick the week off with a “Welcome Breakfast”, including—as usual!—the opportunity to win some great prizes. iPads, Apple Watches, VR headsets, GoPro cameras, and more have all been prizes in previous years. (What? You expected me to spill the beans on what’s being given away this year?)
  • The breakfast is followed by a scavenger hunt, including a visit to an ice bar and the chance for more prizes. Veeam is sponsoring the scavenger hunt.
  • On Tuesday, August 29, there is an option for a very cool helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon (including landing on the floor of the canyon—register soon, space is limited!), and a “cabana day” by the pool (the latter is sponsored by ActualTech Media).
  • On Wednesday, August 30, participants have a couple of different options: a zip line adventure on the iconic Fremont Street or a visit to Madame Tussaud’s. Both are followed by a quick food tour.
  • Alternately, if neither of those options appeal to you, then you can go for a river cruise that starts at the base of the iconic Hoover Dam.
  • Thursday, August 31, the week wraps up with options for horseback riding or a relaxing day in a cabana by the Mandalay Bay pool (the cabana is sponsored by Datrium).

Additionally, discounted spa services at the Four Seasons Spa are available all four days (Monday through Thursday). Registering for your spa service through Spousetivities can save you up to $75! (That’s a nice discount!)

To help defray costs for participants, Spousetivities has a great set of sponsor partners this year. Headlining the list of sponsors is VMware NSX, and other sponsors include TVP Strategy (formerly The Virtualization Practice), Veeam, ActualTech Media, Datrium, and rhipe.

<aside>As a conference attendee for many years—I work for VMware now—I’d like to personally thank the sponsors for helping make Spousetivities affordable for participants. Having my wife there during the conference means a lot to me, and it’s great to know that she’s not alone and she’s enjoying herself. I know that lots of other conference attendees share my feelings. Sponsors, your support of family-friendly, community-focused events like Spousetivities does not go unnoticed!</aside>

If you’re planning on attending VMworld US this year, I strongly encourage you to consider bringing your spouse/partner/significant other along and getting them involved in Spousetivities. Registration is open now, and space is limited for some events (so don’t wait too long).

See you in Vegas!

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