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Big News About the Full Stack Journey Podcast

If you’ve been following the Full Stack Journey podcast, you know that the podcast has been silent for a few months. Some of that was due to some adverse situations in life (it happens to all of us from time to time), but some of it was due to the coordination of a major transition in the podcast. And that’s the big news I’m here to share—read on for the full details!

If you’ve been in the IT industry for any reasonable length of time, especially in the networking space, you’ve probably heard of the Packet Pushers Podcast. It’s a hugely popular podcast created by Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks. In recent years, Packet Pushers has expanded from the “main show” to include other shows, including the Datanauts podcast (led by Chris Wahl and Ethan Banks). They’ve also been looking to expand their stable of podcasts to include additional relevant content.

This brings me to the big news: the Full Stack Journey podcast is joining the Packet Pushers network of podcasts! That’s right—the Full Stack Journey will be part of Packet Pushers’ growing network of podcasts. In talking with Greg and Ethan and the rest of the Packet Pushers team, we felt like the topics the Full Stack Journey podcast was covering would nicely complement the other podcasts, and—to be perfectly honest—I would really benefit from having the support of a team in helping keep the podcast on track. (Ethan’s post about how continuing is hard is so very accurate, in my humble opinion.)

The first episode of Full Stack Journey as part of Packet Pushers—featuring none other than Anthony Burke—should be live very soon (if it isn’t already live), and more episodes are in the works. Stay tuned for more details on the transition.

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