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Technology Short Take #78

Welcome to Technology Short Take #78! Here’s another collection of links and articles from around the Internet discussing various data center-focused technologies.



Nothing this time around, sorry!


  • As part of some research around my Linux migration, I came across this write-up on how to do encrypted instant messaging on OS X with Adium and Off the Record (OTR). I’ve been using OTR with Adium for a while so this wasn’t new to me, but I wanted to share it here for others who may not be familiar with the solution. (I use OTR with Adium on OS X, and OTR with Pidgin on my Fedora Linux laptop.)
  • Along the same lines as the previous bullet, here’s a write-up on how to encrypt your e-mails with PGP keys. Now, PGP keys have been around forever, but the cool part (IMO) about this write-up is integrating Keybase (and PGP keys generated in Keybase) into the process.
  • Docker Inc. (the company) has recently announced they’ve added secrets management into Docker Datacenter. The New Stack has a decent analysis of this latest move and the potential impact it will have on the container ecosystem.
  • Humair Ahmed takes a closer look at some Cross-VC NSX security enhancements that landed in the recent NSX 6.3 release.
  • This is an older article, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before now. This article discusses the virtual machine introspection (VMI) functionality introduced in XenServer 7 while illustrating the value of hypervisor-based security controls.

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  • Communicating effectively is an important skill, and communicating effectively via e-mail is an especially important skill. Check out this HBR article on making sure your e-mails give the right impression. (Thanks to Jonathan Gershater for the link.)

That’s all for this time, folks. Hopefully something I included here was useful to you, or made you think. Have a great weekend!

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