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Technology Short Take #76

Welcome to Technology Short Take #76, the first Technology Short Take of 2017. Normally, I’d publish this on a Friday, but due to extenuating circumstances (my mother-in-law’s funeral is tomorrow) I’m posting it today. Here’s hoping you find something useful!



  • I mentioned in a tweet a few weeks ago that I ordered my new corporate laptop, a Dell Latitude E7370 (which will run Ubuntu 16.04). Stay tuned for a quick review of the hardware once it arrives.


Cloud Computing/Cloud Management

  • Out of the cloud(s) and into the fog. Interesting. (Hat tip to Kelsey Hightower for pointing this out on Twitter.)
  • Luke Youngblood has a three-part series (so far) on immutable infrastructure with AWS and Ansible (part 1, part 2, and part 3). These are some really good articles with useful information on using Ansible to create/destroy AWS resources. I’m not new to this topic but still found some useful information here.
  • Tomas Fojta shares a script to reboot all hosts in vCloud Director, but to do so in a way that minimizes the impact to users/customers/tenants.
  • Rowan Udell has a quick AWS CLI command that prints an ordered list of all the resources in a CloudFormation stack. Although Rowan doesn’t specifically mention it, this command relies on tools like tr, sort, and uniq, so I’m guessing it will only work on OS X/Linux/*BSD systems.
  • Stephane Graber has an article explaining how to run Kubernetes in LXD. He also has a nice post detailing the networking functionality in LXD 2.3, which is something I need to explore.

Operating Systems/Applications

  • It’s probably confirmation bias, but now that I’ve decided to step up my efforts to migrate from OS X to Linux (see this post) I noticed this post by Nicolas about moving from OS X to Ubuntu. The post has a nice list of Linux replacements for popular OS X apps.
  • If you’ve heard all this hubbub about containers but still aren’t really sure what’s going on, this post by Eric Chiang on containers from scratch will do a great job of explaining the underlying OS mechanisms that make containers possible (on Linux, at least).
  • Rafael Benevides has a list of 10 things to avoid in Docker containers.
  • Docker took a bit of a hit in a couple articles (perhaps more, but these were the ones that bubbled up for me) recently. First up is “The HFT Guy” with a post on a “history of failure” with Docker in production. Then we have a post by David Pollak that outlines his position, which is that Docker is not ready for prime-time.
  • As a counterpoint to the “Docker isn’t ready” articles from the previous bullet, consider this article. The author (Pat Robinson, I’m guessing from the URL) shares some viewpoints on why Docker is ready for production for his use case. (Hat tip to John Troyer for a pointer to this article.)
  • Cody Bunch has this nice tip on enabling/disabling OS X Finder tabs.
  • This post is a bit older, but still useful, I think. Zhenyun Zhuang and the LinkedIn Engineering time have a post on not letting Linux control groups be uncontrolled. One key takeaway from the article is that control groups (cgroups) don’t reserve memory, so it’s still quite possible for memory contention to occur.
  • Trishna Guha has an article on using Docker remotely on Atomic Host (something I struggled with myself).
  • Want to get all your data out of Evernote following the revelation that their employees have access to your data? Check this out.


I don’t have anything this time, but I’ll keep alert for links or articles to include next time.


Career/Soft Skills

OK, that’s it for this time around. I have a ton more content I’d love to include, but this post is already packed to the gills as it is. I guess I’ll just have to save it for the next one. Until then, enjoy!

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