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Calling All Switchers

Are you a switcher? That is, are you someone who has transitioned from one IT discipline to an entirely new IT discipline? Perhaps you were a storage gal for a long time, and now you’ve successfully transitioned into a networking career. Maybe you used to be a Windows admin, and now Linux is your thing. Or perhaps you were a networking guy, and now you’re coding like a madman. If this sounds like you, please read on!

If this describes you—or describes something you’re in the middle of doing—I’d love to talk to you. Please hit me on Twitter (I’m @scott_lowe), or drop me an e-mail (use, substituting the correct values). I promise it won’t take much of your time, and we can do this via whatever medium makes the most sense: e-mail, telephone, Skype, instant messaging, IRC…you let me know. I’m particularly interested in talking to folks to have made a really dramatic transition, not just moving from being a server administrator to being a virtualization administrator (let’s face it, those two roles are fairly similar).

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

UPDATE: Thanks for everyone who took the time to contact me! I’m all set now, so no need for future folks to contact me (unless they just really want to!).

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