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Blog Migration in the Works

You might have noticed that blog content has been a bit sparse over the last few weeks. The reason I haven’t generated any new content is because all my spare time is taken up with preparing to migrate this site to a new hosting platform.

Sometime over the holiday season, I’ll be migrating this site from a hosted WordPress installation to Jekyll running on GitHub Pages. Given that I have 9 years of content (over 1,600 blog posts), this is a pretty fair amount of work.

Most of the “structural” work on the new site is already complete; you can get a preview of the site by visiting There’s no content there yet (other than some boilerplate content), but you’ll be able to get a feel for how the new layout will look and work. As you can see, I’ll be using the Lanyon theme, which provides a nice clean layout and a good mobile as well as desktop experience.

There’s still some additional “structural” work to be done, such as adding support for comments (which will be handled via Disqus), but I hope to have that done in the next few days.

Once the migration actually happens (and I’ll post something letting everyone know it’s happened), the site URL and all the posts’ permalinks should be preserved, so you won’t need to change any bookmarks or anything like that. Obviously, if you find that something isn’t working, please let me know.

Thanks for reading!

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