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Spousetivities at VMworld 2014

Many of you know that my wife, Crystal, has been organizing activities—aka Spousetivities—at VMworld since 2008. This year is no different, and registration is already open for activities at VMworld US 2014 in San Francisco. This year Crystal has another great set of activities planned, including:

  • The usual “Getting to Know You” breakfast, held again this year at Jillian’s

  • Mission Street food tour

  • Whale watching tour

  • City tour

  • Wine tour including custom wine blending and wine pairing

  • Kayaking on the Russian River

As in previous years, sponsors make these activities possible. This year, Spousetivities is sponsored by VMware NSX, Origami Owl, vBackup, The Virtualization Practice, VMUG, HyTrust, Xangati, and Wine Shop at Home. The support of these sponsors is what allows Crystal to get private transportation for participants and to keep prices as low as possible.

Here’s my ask:

  • If you’re attending VMworld and thinking of bringing a spouse, significant other, family member, or just a friend, please consider registering for Spousetivities.

  • If you’re someone traveling with a VMworld conference attendee, please consider registering for Spousetivities.

  • If you’re neither of the above, please consider helping to spread the word about Spousetivities: blog about it, tweet about it, post updates to Facebookwhatever you can do.

You can register for Spousetivities here.

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