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Resources for Networking and Network Virtualization

Good friend (and now colleague) John Troyer asked me via e-mail if I had a “reading list” for networking and network virtualization. I didn’t have a formally-prepared “reading list,” so I just shared with John some of the resources that I personally use. John’s response was: “You should blog this.” So, here it is—a list of resources for networking and network virtualization.

  • Brent Salisbury, aka @networkstatic, has plenty of good material on his site.

  • Jason Edelman (@jedelman8 on Twitter) is also worth reading.

  • Network Heresy is a great site. In the spirit of transparency, note that Network Heresy is maintained by folks from VMware/Nicira, such as Dr. Bruce Davie, Martin Casado, and others.

  • Brad Hedlund (@bradhedlund if you’d like to follow him on Twitter) is another great networking and network virtualization resource. Since Brad works with me at VMware, the focus of most of his material is on network virtualization.

  • Ivan Pepelnjak (@ioshints) is a legend among networking folk—I’ve learned a ton from reading his stuff.

  • Greg Ferro (@etherealmind) also shares tons of great networking material on his site.

  • I’ve also found some useful material at Nick Buraglio’s site.

  • Finally, we’re hoping to make VMware’s new Network Virtualization blog a useful destination for networking and network virtualization material. There are also some additional sites on the blogroll there.

Naturally, any list like this is incomplete (my apologies if you weren’t included, I’m sure it was an oversight not an intentional omission!), so I invite readers to share resources they’ve found useful in the comments below. Courteous comments are always welcome, although I do ask for disclosure of vendor affiliations where applicable.

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