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Presentation from UK VMUG

Earlier this month (November 2012), I had the honor of presenting the closing keynote at the 2nd annual UK National VMUG user conference. I was thrilled to be able to support the worldwide VMUG community, and a number of attendees asked if I would make my presentation available. So, in addition to providing a copy of the deck to the VMUG leaders, I’m also publishing it here via SpeakerDeck.

This is, by and large, the same presentation that I’ve given in Indianapolis in late July and in Chicago in late September. It’s been well-received in all three conferences, and I’m really thankful that some of the thoughts or ideas I shared in this presentation have proven helpful to others.

I do have one request: I’d appreciate any feedback from readers as to the use of SpeakerDeck instead of Slideshare. Is there one you like better than the other? I know that some of my EMC colleagues can’t see the presentations from Slideshare, and I don’t know if using SpeakerDeck helps fix that problem. In any case, let me know which format seems to work best for you, and that’s the format I’ll use moving forward. Thanks!

UPDATE: Embedded presentations, such as the one originally found in this article, were converted to hyperlinks as part of the late 2014 blog migration.

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