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OpenStack Summit Day 1 Recap Links

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but I did want to share a few resources recapping Day 1 of the OpenStack Summit that’s happening this week in San Diego. I’m positive there are additional resources that I’ve missed, so feel free to share more links and resources in the comments to this article.

Recap Posts

OpenStack Summit Day 1 Recap

OpenStack Summit - Day 1

OpenStack Summit: Day 1

News/Announcements Posts

OpenStack Design Summit and Conference Day 1 News Update

Announcing Chef for OpenStack Folsom

Cisco announces its own OpenStack distribution—what will the effect be on VMware?

Rackspace Launches Product Certification for Private Cloud Partners (note the quote from new EMC CTO John Roese)

Why Google Compute Engine for OpenStack

Additional resources and links are welcome in the comments. Thanks!

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