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Spousetivities at EMC World 2012

This year at EMC World 2012 (being held once again in Las Vegas, NV), Spousetivities returns for their second year at EMC’s user conference. As usual, my wife Crystal—who founded and runs Spousetivities—has a great set of activities planned for any spouses, partners, family members, or friends that will be traveling with EMC World conference attendees. (EMC’ers: those of you attending the TC Conference can have your traveling companions attend Spousetivities too!)

If you haven’t heard of Spousetivities, it’s a company that Crystal created to organize and carry out activities for spouses, families, friends who are traveling with conference attendees to major IT conferences. Spousetivities had its birth at VMworld US, but has since spread to VMworld EMEA, EMC World, Dell Storage Forum, and HP Discover EMEA. (And more companies are waiting in the wings!) It’s a great way to keep your family involved and with you when you have to travel to a conference. In today’s day and age of hectic schedules and trying to keep up with everything at work, this is a nice way to add a bit of balance to your life.

But enough of that—let’s talk about the activities. Here’s a sneak peek at what Crystal and Spousetivities has planned:

  • Keeping with Spousetivities tradition, there’s a Welcome Breakfast scheduled for Monday, May 21, at the Canyon Ranch Spa at The Venetian (the conference hotel). Even if you’re not interested in eating, you should plan on coming to this anyway for a chance to win one of several great giveaways! (iPad, anyone?)

  • After breakfast on Monday, Crystal’s organized a wine excursion—complete with a limo ride to the winery. But don’t worry if you can’t make it on Monday, because there’s another one scheduled for Wednesday!

  • On Tuesday, there is an option for horseback riding in Red Rock Canyon. Lunch is included, naturally.

  • There is also a full set of spa services available through Canyon Ranch Spa, with exclusive Spousetivities discounts. Different options are available on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so there are plenty of options to fit into your schedule!

Even if none of these activities sounds great to your spouse/partner/companion, I really encourage you to at least get him or her to attend the Welcome Breakfast. I’ve heard lots of stories of participants meeting up at the breakfast and just hanging out with each other during the conference. Some great friendships have been forged at Spousetivities!

Space is limited for all these events, so sign up at the registration page as soon as you can. Trust me—your spouse (or partner or family member or friend) will thank you.

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