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Some vSphere 5 Video Content

While I was in Copenhagen for VMworld EMEA 2011, I ran into a few EMC colleagues from the Solutions Center in Cork, Ireland. I’d visited Cork a couple of times last year (haven’t had the opportunity this year, sadly), so it was great to catch up with them. During our conversation, one of them mentioned that the EMC Proven Solutions Group has a YouTube channel and had posted some new vSphere 5-related content.

Here’s some of the new vSphere 5-related content that they’ve generated over the last month or so:

Multi-NIC vMotion in vSphere 5 with SQL:

Using EMC VSI 5 VMware vCenter Plug-In:

Using VMware vSphere 5 Hot-Add to Dynamically Add CPU:

VMware vSphere 5 - Using Image Builder to Create Custom ISO:

vSphere 5 Storage DRS based on Datastore Capacity Utilization:

Clearly there are other video tutorials/overviews that cover this material as well, but sometimes it’s helpful to see it from multiple perspectives. I wanted to point this out in case someone might find it useful. Enjoy!

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