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New Version of UIM/P

An e-mail popped into my Inbox on Monday notifying me that Unified Infrastructure Manager/Provisioning (UIM/P) version 3.0 has been released and is now generally available. You might already be familiar with UIM/P as it is the primary provisioning tool for Vblocks.

Some features that are new to this version of UIM/P include:

  • UIM/P now has the ability to not only add new blades, VLANs, and datastores to a cluster, but also the ability to remove VLANs and individual blades (called “elastic operations”).

  • UIM/P now supports vCenter Server 5.0 and ESXi 5.0.

  • UIM/P has the ability to assign individual pools to specific Vblocks and specific fabrics.

  • UIM/P offers integration into vCloud Director so that UIM/P can push resources into a new Provider vDC.

  • UIM/P’s performance when provisioning infrastructure services is now significantly faster.

Product documentation and the product download are both available via Powerlink.

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